Item Name & Description – All ACCORDING TO SEASONAL VEGETABLES Available Price
Fresh Roll Vegetable $5
Mixed vegetable/peanut and tamarind hoisin sauce
Fresh Roll Shrimp $6
Mixed vegetable/shrimp/ peanut and tamarind hoisin sauce
Spring Roll $5
Crispy fried vegetarian spring roll
Curry Puff $5
Curried Chicken & potato in a puff pastry
Steamed Thai Dumpling $5
Minced chicken, preserved radish, peanut.
Pure Thai Dumpling $5
Ground chicken & shrimp, marinated with dumpling sauce
Chicken Wings $6
Marinated in Thai herb and deep fried
Calamari $6
Crispy fried calamari, served with sweet chili sauce
Cream Cheese Rangoon $6
Deep fried wonton filled with cream cheese
Crab Rangoon $8
Deep fried wonton filled with cream cheese and crab
Duck Pancake
Carrot, lettuce, scallion, peanut hoisin sauce
Crispy Shrimp Roll $6
Fresh Rice paper rolls filled with shrimp and deep fried, served with Thai sauce
Fried Pork Dumpling
Ground Pork, Marinated and wrapped in wonton sheets, served with homemade Soy Sauce
Tao-Hoo Todd
Crispy fried tofu, Peanut and Sweet chili sauce
*Mild **Medium ***Hot

Spring Rolls

Pure Thai Dumpling