Panang Curry

Chicken/Vegetable/Tofu $10
Shrimp/Beef $11
Duck $15 Mixed Seafood $17

43. Green Curry**
Eggplant, bamboo shoot, long hot chili, basil and coconut milk

44. Panang Curry**
Kaffir Lime Leaf, long hot chili, peanut, string bean and coconut milk

45. Massaman Curry*
Potato, onion, peanut, avocado and coconut milk

46. Pumpkin Curry**
Pumpkin, carrot, long hot pepper, basil and coconut milk

47. Yellow Curry**
Mixed Vegetable, coconut milk and yellow curry

Hawaiian Cashew Nut

48. Thai Basil***
Crushed bird’s-eye chili, basil, garlic and string bean

49. Hawaiian Cashew Nut*
Pineapple, cashew nut, scallion, sweet and sour Sriacha sauce

50. Mango Curry**
Mixed with mango, Bamboo shoot, Bell pepper, Basil, Carrot, Red Curry

*Mild **Medium ***Hot